Sunday, 26 February 2017

This Blog is Now Closed

Thank you for stopping by. This blog is now closed.

I have started a new blog called Miracles Galore - Revisited. You're welcome to follow me there if you wish.

Love always!


Saturday, 25 February 2017

Why I Need to Go into Myself

I woke up with a blocked nose with a headache. I was even sneezing and I could feel aches and pain all over. After spending some time going into myself, I was feeling myself again.

That was one thing that puzzled my mum when we lived together in her latter years - going into myself. I would be experiencing pain (migraine or period) or a stomach upset and her mother's instinct to protect would kick in and she would offer me her remedies or tablets which I would refuse. I would ask her to leave me alone as I needed to go into myself.  I would then emerge well.  It took a long time for her to accept that my way works for me.

The last major health crisis  I had when mum was still alive was food poisoning. I was in such a bad way, she wanted to call the ambulance.  I kept asking her to leave me alone as I  needed to go into myself. After whatever hadn't agreed with my system had been ejected, I was back to being myself. I did discover later that our elderly neighbour had experienced food poisoning the day before and had been rushed to the hospital and put on a drip. It made perfect sense why mum had been in such a frantic state when she had witnessed me experiencing similar symptoms as our neighbour.  She looked so relieved when I was back to normal.

What do I mean by going into myself?

There are times when I'm feeling exhausted and fall into a deep, dreamless, sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.  Going into myself is rather like falling into that deep sleep that energises while being fully awake.  Sometimes, I need to use affirmations, prayer and Truth realisations to help me get into that state of wellbeing. Other times, I simply need to be still. I then let my True Self, whose nature is well being, do the work of regenerating and healing where I feel like my self again.

To the observer, it may appear that I'm just sitting or lying down with my eyes closed.

To experience my True Self, it is important for me to go into my Self not just when I'm feeling unwell but constantly. The ideal is to experience life from the Self.

All is well!


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Jacket Potato

I was getting a craving for jacket potato (baked potato) with tuna, sweetcorn and mayonnaise filling, which I haven’t had in a long time.

While I was in central London I decided to have that for lunch. The first sandwich shop I went to didn't do it. The shop next door didn't do it either. After the third cafe and still no joy, I was feeling pretty desperate.

I popped into a department store which I knew had a restaurant on top. My mum and a friend once had lunch there. At the restaurant, I asked a member of staff if they served jacket potato. She said no. I asked if she knew anywhere that did it. She recommended a cafe close by that did.  She told me it was near a particular street and was located underneath a scaffolding.

Before I came out of the store, I asked a security guard which exit I should use for the street I was looking for.   He pointed at one exit. He said I could ask the taxi driver parked outside how to get to my destination. When I came out of the store, I asked the taxi driver where the road was and he pointed to the right. After a few minutes, I was very excited when I spotted a cafe underneath a scaffolding.  I asked if they did jacket potato. She said no but the cafe next door did.

I was so happy and grateful for that backstreet cafe. When I told the guys working at the cafe that someone at the department store restaurant had recommended them, they told me they have lots of friends working there.

Nothing can separate me from what I love.

I loved the fact that the other cafes I had been to that didn't do jacket potato hadn't tried to persuade me to get something else.  They know that they can't interfere with someone's heart's desires.

I also loved how the woman at the department store's restaurant was very willing to direct me where I could get my jacket potato, as was the security guard, the taxi driver and the woman in the cafe who guided me to the cafe next door.

As for my jacket potato, it was so good! The filling - tuna, sweetcorn, spring onions and mayonnaise - was better than I had imagined. Scrumptious!

Thank You, Love! ❤


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Friday, 24 February 2017


When I woke up, it was still too early to get up.  I read my emails and other messages.

I then did my prayers and affirmations.  While I was having my usual chat with God, I said to Him. "I  haven’t had a wonderful surprise from You in a while. Don't you love me anymore?"

After that, I fell into a deep sleep. When I woke up, my Inner Voice said, "I have a wonderful surprise for you!"

When I checked my email, there was a new email from Amazon with the subject: "Surprise! Here's a free ebook for you!"  I had to choose one out of 3. I have downloaded a romantic fiction on my Kindle.

So You do love me after all! Thank You!

I need to experience more signs and wonders that show me how much you love me, please!


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Thursday, 23 February 2017


I've noticed I go through cycles when I just want to hibernate for a long time. If I didn't have to go out, I would just stay in all the time.  I even have no desire to socialise with friends in the real world though I can still socialise in cyberspace.

It feels to me like it's a natural rhythm I go through. If I'm not able to take the time out, I get sick and I'm forced to take time out to go into myself.

The system is not designed for us to go into hibernation as it's all about making money to survive. Besides, there are those who have responsibilities to take care of. If you are a parent or carer, you can't afford to take time out when people are dependent on you.

All I know is when the hibernation cycle is complete, I am transformed or feel like I am. It's like I've moulted out of one skin and grown a new one.

I wonder what my new skin is going to look like? I hope it's a new shade of purple as that is my favourite colour. 😊


Saturday, 18 February 2017

Water Bottle Flips

So I was watching this boy do water bottle flips. The idea is to flip the bottle and see if it lands upright. Another girl was watching him closely. I presumed she was his sister.

After many failed attempts, he finally managed to land one upright. He was so happy his joy was infectious.  I even visualised him landing a few more.

Then he landed two in a row. Next it was three in a row. The girl and I were really happy for him. The girl ran to her mum to share her brother's success and then returned to egg her brother on.  During his next flips, he did four in a row. I congratulated him on his achievement. To inspire him, I showed him and his sister a video on Facebook on my tablet about this dog who had broken the skateboarding world record.

While the boy was going for his next record, another boy his age approached and grabbed the bottle. He explained that it was all about the way you use your muscles while you are flipping and proceeded to demonstrate the perfect flip. Each time he flipped, the bottle refused to comply. He was obviously not using the right muscles or flipping the right way. I wasn’t even inspired to help him as he seemed to know it all.  I just chuckled while he continued to miss. The other two kids watched silently. He did manage to do two flips though out of maybe 20.

I found it interesting how the first boy's flips were so much more fun to watch. It didn't matter to him whether the bottle landed upright or not, he was enjoying himself anyway.

When his know-it-all friend took over, the game stopped being fun. It became rather serious though I did find his failures very entertaining.

Win or lose, life is meant to be fun! Flip and let go!


Hearing People's Thoughts

Photo courtesy of "Bruce Almighty"

When I went to bed, I started seeing images flashing in my mind's eye and hearing random thoughts. It reminded me of the film "Bruce Almighty" where he's given God's powers and he starts hearing people's prayers in his head.

There was no way I could sleep with all those images and thoughts going on. So I started affirming what I believe:

"God's mind is the only Mind there is and He is infinite love."

After a few moments, the images and thoughts became still and I was in peace. I was then able to go to sleep.

I hope those whose thoughts I was picking up on felt that peace too and that Love meets all their needs.

God's mind is the only Mind there is.


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